July ,29 2015
ROW: Stand By Me

Hey everyone! As I recently picked up a stack of new books at the bookstore, I knew another instalment of ‘Read It or Watch It?’, or ROW, was in order. On the docket today is…

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July ,26 2015
Painting a Birdhouse

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am bringing you something a little bit different and something that was an absolute purchase of spontaneity for me. Who doesn’t love spontaneity? I was walking through a local art…

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July ,22 2015
If Simba was My Spirit Guide…

There is nothing better than getting inspired by a Disney movie. Especially a fantastic Disney movie like The Lion King. Lessons and morals we learned as kids easily come flooding back to us and it…

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July ,19 2015
I am Scout: “Go Set a Watchman” Review

It would be fair to say that I am an avid book reader and even more persistent book critique enthusiast. Years of english literature courses and my home grown love of writing have turned me…

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