July ,15 2015
Guest Blogger: Jacynta Walsh

[caption id="attachment_2231" align="alignright" width="180"]JW Jacynta Walsh (@JacyntaWalsh)[/caption] Hey everyone! I have a great surprise for you all today. I’m proud to say that Novellette is welcoming its very first guest blogger: Jacynta Walsh. Jacynta runs an amazing self titled blog all about travel, beauty, and lifestyle, and is a perfect fit to have as a guest spot here on Novellette. So without further adieu, Jacynta’s bringing us her 7 essentials to help you with your summertime beauty. I want to thank Jacynta for being so lovely and I was absolutely thrilled to have you share a bit of your story on my blog : ) If you would be interested in being a guest blogger on Novellette, let me know down below in the comments! Happy Wednesday everyone! I’ll talk to you all on Sunday. xo Novellette

summeressentials oneIn the past few weeks, the UK has experienced some crazy high temperatures that I only had felt when I was living in New Zealand! It has been fantastic but also a shock to the system as my body didn't know how to cope with it. In this post I am going to show you the 7 products that get me through summer (which in the UK is only when a heat wave hits!). SE2Unfortunately due to the lack of sun before this week, my face was looking very pale and grey. So instead of burning my skin in the sun, I opted to fake it (I never use fake tan as I have never found one that doesn't smell) with my Dior DiorSkin Nude Tan bronzer. This is such a beautiful product! It applies and blends out so evenly and is a warm brown colour with no hint of orange in it (hallelujah!). It is slightly shimmery which I really enjoyed as it it gave my face a nice glow. I apply my bronzer on the high points of my forehead, down my nose and across my cheeks to give that "beach babe” look. To combat the excess oil on my face I love using BareMinerals Mineral Veil. Without this I would’ve looked like a hot sweaty mess (which is not cute at all!).  This product is a loose powder so I like to tip it upside down so a bit of the product sticks to the lid. I then get a big fluffy brush and swirl it in the lid and apply it with a soft hand to my chin, nose and forehead (as these places are usually where I "shine" the most). In the heat I tend to stay clear of all eyeshadow and just apply some mascara so the lipstick I'm wearing is the statement. I love a bright, bold, vibrant lipstick and if you read my blog you will know that I absolutely adore the Bourjois Aqua Liquar collection. My two favourite colours are the ‘Babe Idole' as it is a summery Barbie pink and ‘Fuchsia Perche' which is a gorgeous raspberry red. Both are stunning for the summer as when you first apply them, the texture feels almost like water and gives a wet look to the lips. However within 10 minutes it dries to a stain like finish. It is perfect for those days where you don't want to be worrying about your lipstick moving about on your face which is guaranteed to happen with most lip products in 30 degree plus temperatures! summeressentials twoWhen it's hot, I always ditch my big bags as it is uncomfortable to be carrying so much stuff. The bag I always turn to is my Cambridge Satchel in a neon pale blue colour. As I always wear black and white (even in summer) this statement bag just adds that splash of colour that a summer outfit needs. Along with my statement bag, I finish my look with statement sunglasses and my favourites at the moment are from Topshop. They are massive on the face with a slight cat eye effect with is the ultimate frame for a "sassy" look. For me, there is nothing worst than trying to manage my hair in the summer. I have very long and thick hair which left unattended becomes frizzy and turns into the typical "cave woman" style. However because it's so hot, the last thing I want to be doing is getting all sweaty while straightening my hair. Instead, I have used the Garnier Ultimate Blends oil to keep the fizz away. I have really enjoyed using this oil! It smells like shea butter and gives my hair a lovely natural wave and shine that lasts until I wash my hair next! If there is one thing I love more than lipsticks, it’s perfume and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is just summer in a bottle. I rave about this fragrance time and time again for good reason as it is smells like coconut and sunscreen which isn't over powering so you don't have to feel awkward spraying it around other people. Plus the bottle is absolutely gorgeous! What more is there to love?! So before I finish this post I want to say a big thank you to Novellette for having me on her blog! It's been an absolute pleasure and I hope you all come over and say hi on my blog! xx

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