July ,22 2015
If Simba was My Spirit Guide…

There is nothing better than getting inspired by a Disney movie. Especially a fantastic Disney movie like The Lion King. Lessons and morals we learned as kids easily come flooding back to us and it makes you wonder how keeping them at the forefront of your mind would benefit you day to day. So, sitting at my desk contemplating my desire to do a one woman show of The Lion King, I thought: what would life be like if a Disney character acted as my spirit guide? More specifically, what if Simba was my spirit guide? If Simba was my spirit guide he would say... lionking.wikia.comBelieve in yourself and be a go getter! If you want to be a dentist, teacher, or *cough* king, go for it. You're the only person that can stand in the way of your confidence but don't be too cocky. You'll need to learn a few things throughout the years before you're ready to take on everything on your own. If Simba was my spirit guide he would explain... disney-fan-fiction.wikia.comFind the type of friends who will be with you till the end. Negativity is a downer and no one in your life should treat you badly. Keep positive connections with the people closest to you. Laugh with them and trust them with the problems that confront you day to day. Even though it's great to think living life with no worries is easy, sometimes you need friends to show you the way. If Simba was my spirit guide he would tell me... disney.wikia.comTo remember who you are. It's easy to loose yourself when you get whisked up into the fast track of life. Take time to remember what makes you happy. Have a weekend to yourself. Go out for a nice meal or even curl up with a good book. Whatever you love, do it and be true to your heart. Even if you've veered from your path, it will become clear once again. If Simba was my spirit guide he would encourage me... lionking.wikia.comThat trusting in others is important. People of various ages and mentalities could have lived through situations which can benefit you in the long run. Learn from other people's wisdom instead of shutting them out and realize sometimes it takes a hit in the head to realize you don't know everything. If Simba was my spirit guide he would preach... fanpop.comOpen your heart to love. It's strange how quick friends can become more. Don't be afraid to explore those relationships. Finding a person who you feel 100% yourself with and someone you don't feel you need to hide your past traumas *cough* Simba share your feelings! *cough* will be your rock in life. Plus, maybe they'll even help inspire a killer love song! xo Novellette

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