July ,15 2015
Guest Blogger: Jacynta Walsh

Jacynta Walsh (@JacyntaWalsh) Hey everyone! I have a great surprise for you all today. I’m proud to say that Novellette is welcoming its very first guest blogger: Jacynta Walsh. Jacynta runs an amazing self titled…

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July ,12 2015
SDCC 2015

Considering this week was both Shark week and San Diego Comic-Con, or SDCC, I can say we’ve been doing pretty well with social media entertainment. There’s no doubt someone you follow on social media has…

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July ,8 2015
The Benefits of Volunteering

Not too long ago in my post called “School’s Out!“, I mentioned I planned on volunteering this summer. Low and behold, I’m in my very first week of volunteering right this week. I was placed…

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July ,6 2015
Happy 1st Blogiversary!

Yes the day has come! On this very day, July 6th, in 2014, I published my first blog post on Novellette. Which means today is officially Novellette’s 1st Blogiversary!! And I want you all to…

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