July ,26 2015
Painting a Birdhouse

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am bringing you something a little bit different and something that was an absolute purchase of spontaneity for me. Who doesn't love spontaneity? I was walking through a local art and crafts shop looking for glitter and colourful stuff, as you do, and I happened to stumble upon a section I hadn't paid much attention to before. There were a ton of wooden figurines and statues that were calling my name. After resisting the urge to by a giant model of, what my mind convinced me was, King Arthur's Camelot, I settled on this little guy: a birdhouse. I thought I would share this splash of creativity with you all so you can see my visual journey from start to finish. Enjoy! bh1

I went with basic Apple Barrel acrylic paint because I have so many of these it is nuts! Plus, acrylic paint is my favourite (sorry, not sorry water colours) for it's easy cover up ability if you make a mistake. Which my spastic hand did once or twice!


The roof screamed red while I was still in the shop! Which led me to think maybe a Captain America theme would be cute but I resisted Steve's urge for representation. Next time, next time.


Painting the white background of the house took the longest. I needed three coats and I even had to go back over it when my unclean paintbrush coated with red decided to mark up the back. Thanks universe!


At first I was going to leave the base just green and have nothing around the back or sides. Then inspiration, and my Mum saying it looked a little plain, made me add some foliage. I'm quite bad a drawing trees by hand most of the time, animals, buildings, yes, but foliage, oh no. Nonetheless, I remembered an old art class trick...


Thank God for the sponge!


Next, a few little multi-coloured flowers. I love the red ones! Plus, a tiny bit more grass.


And voila! A cute little birdhouse for Justin and Jenna to live in!

Do you like crafts and painting knickknacks for around the house? Maybe I'll even try building the birdhouse next ;) That is if I don't get that model of Camelot. To the shop! Huzzah!

xo Novellette

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