August ,30 2015
What Do You Mean?

Justin Bieber’s new single “What Do You Mean?” can be, among other things, considered something a long time coming. The days of Bieber’s music taking precedent over his bad boy reputation in recent years have…

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August ,26 2015
Nivea vs. Jergens

An ensuing battle with the final weeks of summer is dry skin. Cracked skin and discomfort is a given and after trying a variety of different moisturizers and hand lotions, I finally decided enough is enough.…

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August ,23 2015
The 2015 Shaw Festival

Every year Niagara-on-the-Lake holds the annual Shaw Festival. What is the Shaw Festival you may ask? It’s a theatrical festival spanning April to October and features plays and musicals often written by George Bernard Shaw…

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August ,19 2015
Blog Favourites – August 2015

Hey everyone! Looking for something new to read? A new type of blog to discover? With so many amazing blogs out in the blogosphere, I’m going to be sharing some of my blog favourites this month. Here are…

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