August ,19 2015
Blog Favourites – August 2015

blog favouritesHey everyone! Looking for something new to read? A new type of blog to discover? With so many amazing blogs out in the blogosphere, I'm going to be sharing some of my blog favourites this month. Here are some blogs that you don't want to miss.

GGGBGood Girl Gone Brum

Operated by fun foodie Emily, great name by the way ; ) Good Girl Gone Brum was a blog I initially began reading after I started up Novellette and I never looked back! Emily started her blog after moving to Birmingham to go to university and recently turned her university advice style blog into a food lovers paradise. Great job, Emily! I'm excited to learn more about Birmingham eateries : ) Not only is Good Girl Gone Brum a good source of knowledge on the newest dives in Birmingham, but Emily was one of the first people I had comment on my blog which definitely brings fond memories of when I first started out. Bottom line: if you love food, whether that be eating out or cooking up recipes while staying in, check her out!


Pronounced 'cutie', Izzy's blog Qthee is a beautiful grab bag of anything you could possibly want to read about. Museums? Izzy's written about them. Recipes for summer treats? They're there too! Constant updates on new books to check out have given me many a new title to pursue and Izzy's recent adventures in Tallinn, Estonia have made me ready to hop on a plane and fly half way around the world! What can I say, I am a sucker for great travel photos : ) With music updates and tips on skincare and beauty, Izzy really does cover all bases. Make sure you give her blog a read!

LOTThe Life of a Thinker

Liam's blog The Life of a Thinker always reminds me of one of the reasons I started Novellette: a love of writing. An aspiring journalist, Liam shares his creative writing feats along with a list of killer music suggestions which keep finding their way onto my playlist. Thanks, Liam ; ) Contributing other weekly update articles on the daily adventures in Liam's life, I can say wholeheartedly I am glad to have stumbled across Liam after a great #lbloggers chat on Twitter a few months ago. If you're as much of a writing fanatic and music obsessor as I am, you will not regret giving his blog a read at all.

IJSIt's Just Sofie

Considering our mutual love of Disney and YouTube, I knew when I stumbled across Sofie's blog It's Just Sofie, I would have a reason to stick around. Ranging across all blogging categories from beauty to book reviews to concert details, Sofie's friendly writing style will make you sure spending money to see McBusted is a good idea and why Essie really is her favourite nail polish brand and why it should be yours too : ) Having inspired one of my posts "All About Canada", Sofie's international perspective and interesting tidbits on Denmark have made Denmark appear on my bucket list and I look forward to learning more as It's Just Sofie continues. Love to my fellow bloggers. Keep doing what you're doing : ) xo Novellette

8 thoughts on “Blog Favourites – August 2015

  1. That’s so sweet!!! Thank you so much! It’s funny how I recently discovered Sofie’s blog and now I’m featured alongside her. I think it was meant to be. Her Harry Potter tag was a fun read! Liam always has some amazing songs for me to check out (Hai Liam!). I love his music recommendations. I’ll make sure to check out Emily’s blog since I do love food (a).

    xx Izzy

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