August ,26 2015
Nivea vs. Jergens

mosterizersAn ensuing battle with the final weeks of summer is dry skin. Cracked skin and discomfort is a given and after trying a variety of different moisturizers and hand lotions, I finally decided enough is enough. With a busy day to day schedule, one of the things that manages to slip my mind is remembering to bring hand lotion to campus or put it in my hand bag for day to day use. Yet, my forgetfulness in this instance only makes my problem worse. Then I read an article in a magazine that talked about in-shower body moisturizers. In essence, you use them while you're in the shower or once you immediately get out. I was sure this could be the solution I needed. Adding it to a nighttime regime could be an easy fix to make sure I don't forget. I decided to go for two different brands to give you Nivea vs. Jergens. Let's see how they held up with classic pros and cons!

Nivea In-Shower Body Milk

Made with almond oil, this creamy formula is best suited for people with dry to very dry skin and promises a non-sticky feel that instantly absorbs.


  • Great scent! At first I thought the almond oil would be very overwhelming when I smelt it in the bottle. However, once applied it is very fresh and lingers nicely for sometime after.
  • Absorbs instantly.
  • Simple bottle design. Less is always more!
  • Long lasting effect. After using the product for over a month, my skin is smooth and never, ever dry.


  • A little does not go a long way. You will need quite a few quarter sized portions of this formula to get the most use out of the product.
  • Upside down bottle. This is more of a personal choice but I find upside down bottles more likely to log with water and drip all over the floor.

Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin

Green tea oil makes this formula a thin, smooth consistency and instructs the user to apply the product right after they've come out from the shower when their skin is still wet.


  • You get more for your dollar. Jergens offers 500mL of product compared to the 400mL for Nivea which, believe it or not, does make a difference.
  • Great absorbing power which is more similar to a normal body lotion.
  • Right side up bottle.
  • A light scent. While the Nivea bottle has a more intense smell, Jergens would be great for anyone with a really sensitive nose. You don't want to sound like Darth Vader because on an allergic reaction.


  • A very busy bottle design. Personally, there is simply too much writing on this bottle for me.
  • It's cold waiting to put on body lotion once you've come right out of the shower. In essence, this makes it extremely uncomfortable to put on.
Overall, I believe the uncomfortable factor of the Jergens product as soon as you step out of the shower is enough to make Nivea my choice. Since you put Nivea on right in the shower, there's no need to be standing chillily. With my quest for a problem solving product completed, I know dealing with dry skin will no longer be a problem for me. Have you ever tried any of these products? xo Novellette

2 thoughts on “Nivea vs. Jergens

  1. Hey! Fab review. Just wanted to give my two cents on the above products’ comparison.

    I feel like I’d find myself re-purchasing the Nivea in-shower lotion as compared to that of Jergen’s.

    I feel Jergens give me that luminosity because it locks in with water droplets on your skin. I guess the Jergens WSM sort of leaves a film of moisture (not too greasy that it gets uncomfortable!) which is why many say it works better than Nivea.

    However, I don’t care for that luminosity hence I’d go for the nivea more. Plus, i get a more clean feeling using the Nivea as I know there can’t be any residue on my towel or clothes as I eventually would rinse the lotion off.

    Both are good for me but I find the Nivea outstanding – especially in summer heat when you really can’t have that sticky feeling!

    p.s., it’s strange how your jergens version is packaged in a pump bottle. Mine is a bottom-dispensed one – just like Nivea’s!

    Is this a UK-manufactured version? Let me know!


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