August ,30 2015
What Do You Mean?

Justin Bieber's new single "What Do You Mean?" can be, among other things, considered something a long time coming. The days of Bieber's music taking precedent over his bad boy reputation in recent years have been slim and when I heard he was releasing a new track, I was intrigued. Musically, for a long time, I believe the "Baby" and "Boyfriend" image Bieber has maintained has blocked many potential fans to his music stylings, who would be surprised to see Bieber release an album not flooded with teeny bopper, high energy, pop tunes. I'm not a Belieber but considering I'm a music obsessor, I listen to anything and that includes Justin. Inevitably I gave this song a shot, which I linked to YouTube via the photo if you want to have a listen for yourself! whatdoyoumean   The EDM influence is something I am enjoying more from Bieber in this song and his recent collaboration with Jack Ü on "Where Are Ü Now". Yet, I can say seeing the reaction to Bieber releasing new music has been my new social study. As the days to this single approached, countless celebrities helped Justin to increase promotion and spread the hype towards hearing something new. Let's not forget, Bieber arguably hasn't had a new mainstream radio single since "Beauty and the Beat" featuring Nicki Minaj in 2012. Being a fellow Canadian, I can tell you the radio stations were a buzz! Not only were the days being counted down, but the stations were promising the song would be played every hour on the hour the day the track was released. Excitement seemed to be pouring in across the nation waiting to hear what this artist, who not too long ago was deemed too irresponsible to do much of anything unsupervised, was bringing to the table. At one point Bieber was often dubbed one of the most famous male artists on the planet for his teenage girl sway and his catchy stuck-in-your-head songs. When his bad boy reputation brought him more negative than positive publicity, other celebrities and music groups like One Direction, seemed to steal the spotlight. I think the point I'm trying to get at is: Is it possible to rise back to the top of the musical pyramid? Can one song relaunch Bieber Fever all over again? I suppose only after the release of Bieber's new, as of now still publicly untitled, album will we be able to find out. What do you think of Justin's new song? Have you always been a Belieber or do you avoid anything to do with Justin? Do you think it's possible for his music to give him back the worldwide music reputation he once had? Happy Sunday! xo Novellette

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