September ,30 2015
So long September

Hey everyone! It seems that September has been so very quick this year. Or maybe it usually feels this way. All I know is that it has been on hectic month. Not only did school…

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September ,27 2015
Kinky Boots

Happy Sunday everyone! Phew, I was so sure today would slip by before I got the chance to unleash this post on the internet. Luckily, time is on my side. The past 7 days have…

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September ,23 2015
Gym Essentials

Hey everyone! Finally having tired of yoga after four years, I decided to shake it up and try something completely different: I joined a gym. My university has a huge fully equipped facility and I’ve…

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September ,20 2015
The King of Disneyland

Hey everyone!¬†For the past two days I have been watching a two part documentary series about Walt Disney. Not only Walt Disney the man, but Disney the company, the mindset, and the creation. The self-proclaimed…

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