September ,23 2015
Gym Essentials

Hey everyone! Finally having tired of yoga after four years, I decided to shake it up and try something completely different: I joined a gym. My university has a huge fully equipped facility and I've heard it talked up on campus for years. After semesters of walking by, I just went for it and I am so glad I did. Not only is it good to mix up your normal exercise routine, but for me, there was something exciting about being able to try out all the equipment and get the satisfaction of seeing the 'You just ran 1km' flash on the monitor. Yet with gym workouts, there comes a whole lot of gym essentials that you have to have on you at all times if you're not lucky enough to be able to get a locker. Therefore, before I headed out there was shopping to be done (never a bad thing right?) Here are some of the things I think are must haves so you can enjoy your workout comfortably and safely.gym

  1. Lots, and lots of water - One of the most crucial things about exercising is the need to stay hydrated. You never want to get light headed or you're headed for disaster. Keep your locker or bag stocked with two bottles at all times. Sometimes one is just not enough.
  2. Change of shoes - Working out in the same shoes you have to wear all day does not smell pleasant. Plus, considering running shoes are the best and probably your gym's only option, for safety reasons, it'll be great to invest in a pair if you don't have any.
  3. Snacks - I suffer from low blood sugar a lot of the time so having something to munch on whether it be a granola bar or fruit is very helpful.
  4. Beauty essentials - From a comb, to hair elastic, to towel, to deodorant, to your makeup bag, you'll want to freshen up after you're done exercising. Especially if you're a morning exerciser like me, smelling like the gym all day is not an option.
  5. Your tunes - Find that song that makes you feel like a badass and let it play! Then you'll really start to get into the feel of 'Run, Forest, Run!' Haha ;)
  6. Workout clothes - My gym has restrictions on what you can wear for safety and buying a few active wear outfits was mandatory. However, the material is so much more breathable than normal T-shirts and shorts, staying cool is not really a problem.
  7. Your social skills - At times the gym is quite individual. You'll want to get into the zone of what you're doing and really focus. Yet, lots of people are there to socialize so never let the opportunity go by. Whether you're spotting someone or just chatting by the water fountain, make sure to engage with others and have fun!
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