September ,30 2015
So long September

Hey everyone! It seems that September has been so very quick this year. Or maybe it usually feels this way. All I know is that it has been on hectic month. Not only did school start up again, yay for 4th year of undergraduate, but there's been concerts, musicals, new experiences, volunteering, and a lot of work. I'm in the midst of doing an undergraduate thesis and that means the library which I've avoided for the past four years has become a good friend of mine. I swear half the journey of any library book quest (at least in our libraries) is trying to find a place to sit after you've gathered your stack of 12 books which are all about 300 pages long. My muscles are getting an added work out. I'm going to be so ripped after this year, haha! But without a lot of work, life would be so boring wouldn't it. Believe it or not it even feels like my birthday (tomorrow actually!) has snuck up out of nowhere and I have been absolutely unprepared for that, haha! school October is promising to bring a lot of the usual things: my birthday of course, and end to the holiday drought by giving us Halloween, and some newer ones too: this year my university is actually giving us a week off to forgo study and chill. Only took them until my 4th year, but hey, no complaints on this side of the monitor. Plus, October means that all regular TV shows are back on. Yes, I relish in the small victories. Crashing at the end of the day and enjoying a dramatic episode with your favourite superheroes *cough* The Flash *cough* or favourite late night comedy. Not to mention autumn is now fully on its way! While scouting out some autumnal photos for the blog, I stumbled across a whole section of trees which were already forsaking greenery in return for red, orange, and yellow. Before you know it, the shorts and skirts of summer will be replaced with cozy sweaters boots and jackets. I have a leather jacket I've been dying to bring out! I think it's about time. I hope you all have a brilliant first few days of October and I'll talk to you on Sunday! xo Novellette

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