September ,20 2015
The King of Disneyland

Hey everyone! For the past two days I have been watching a two part documentary series about Walt Disney. Not only Walt Disney the man, but Disney the company, the mindset, and the creation. The self-proclaimed 'King of Disneyland', Walt Disney is an individual who has passed from man to myth in the minds of people across the entire world. The larger than life figure of great magical proportion has been apart of pop culture since the days of Steamboat Willie in the 1920s. From animated shorts to feature films to worlds of complete wonderment, Disney impacts out lives in one way or another. There is no question Disney brings joy and laughter to homes of all types, but Disney also has its hands in a lot of pies which influence our everyday lives. Buying rights to brands such as Marvel and Star Wars, expand the Disney legacy far beyond the original vision of Walt Disney's company when he first created his legendary partner in crime, Mickey Mouse. This documentary explained the road of difficult challenges and outrageous ideas which eventually spiralled out of Walt's mind into multi-billion dollar Walt Disney Company we know today. Disney didn't run with the slogan: One Man's Dream for years for nothing! kingofdisneyland Walt created his feature films and theme parks on the basic principles he strove for in life. The desire to find enchantment, safety, and happiness in order to escape the difficulties and shot comings of life. As a frequenter of Disney World, I can say 100% that those qualities are embodied in Disney theme parks. But we come to expect a similar feeling from Disney films as well. In truth, Disney tackles questions of the human condition we all struggle with and brings to light the dreams and desires of us all. Who are we? What do we want from life? Where do I fit in? Can I be my own person? What is my destiny? Am I a good person? What's out in the big wide world out there? Will my dreams come true? What do I have to do to believe in myself? What will be my fairytale ending? When will my 'prince' or 'princess' show up? What is it that makes me happy? I'm sure you can find yourself in any of these questions and common Disney film themes. I read this quote by Eugene O'Neill which captures my thoughts on Walt's quest and devotion to bringing alive these themes. The quest to live out the beautiful, peaceful, idealistic dreams we all keep inside out hearts.

"Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace." - Eugene O'Neill

And if Disney World helps unlock that door everyday for millions of people, in my eyes, Walt's legacy and founding pillars will forever remain.

Happy Sunday everyone!

xo Novellette

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