October ,31 2015
Happy Halloween 2015!

Happy Halloween 2015 everyone! Boo! and be on the look out tonight for all the ghouls and goblins running about. With candy bought and pumpkins carved (that’s Ferdinand on the right and Heinrich on the…

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October ,28 2015

Hey everyone! In the past I’ve spoken about my love for House and EDM music. Countless times whenever I’ve revealed this passion, I have been met with looks of astonishment and disbelief. “You don’t look…

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October ,25 2015
“Hello” from 25

For the past few days, three things have been flooding my Twitter feed: 1. The New York Times “Baby Hitler” poll 2. Actress Maisie Williams on Doctor Who (Definitely worth watching!) 3. And most of…

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October ,21 2015
Killing Time Playlist

Hi all! Lately transit has not be co-operating with me. Most days my train has been delayed and that leads to inevitably waiting on the platform killing time. Luckily, I recently put together a new…

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