October ,31 2015
Happy Halloween 2015!

pumpkinsHappy Halloween 2015 everyone! Boo! and be on the look out tonight for all the ghouls and goblins running about. With candy bought and pumpkins carved (that's Ferdinand on the right and Heinrich on the left), the spirit of Halloween is glowing brightly at my house this year. After much debate between myself and my sister, we decided on two pumpkins. Ferdinand is a white pumpkin on my sister's insistence. I am a bit of a festive traditionalist and was quite positive we needed a classic orange pumpkin. For years, my sister has wanted to break the mould and try out a white pumpkin. So instead of one lonely pumpkin, we have the two. I swear it takes me longer to find the candles then carving the pumpkins, haha! Next year, I should definitely find them first before I start. For a little bit of Halloween pumpkin trivia, this year I found out there was a pumpkin called a 'Fairytale Pumpkin'. Even though Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother come to mind, there's no magic involved unfortunately. This type of pumpkin is lighter in orange colour, often like a creamsicle shade, and has a thick exterior flesh verses the normal thinner flesh of orange pumpkins. Who knew? Have an amazing holiday everyone! Eat as much candy as you possibly can and dress up in the craziest costumes. And remember, starting tomorrow, Christmas season is going to be in full swing, haha! I'll leave you with a spooky Halloween poem by Joel Benton. "Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite, All are on their rounds tonight; In the wan moon's silver ray, Thrives their helter-skelter play." xo Novellette

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