October ,25 2015
“Hello” from 25

For the past few days, three things have been flooding my Twitter feed: 1. The New York Times "Baby Hitler" poll 2. Actress Maisie Williams on Doctor Who (Definitely worth watching!) 3. And most of all, the release of Adele's new single "Hello" from her upcoming album 25. billboard.comThe anticipation of Adele's new music has been buzzing since last year. Then on October 23rd, the song was released and the music video uploaded. Needless to say, the Internet exploded. The music video smashed Vevo's record for most views in 24 hours after achieving over 23 million views and finally dethroning Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood". I, myself, was completely thrown for a loop when I saw the song was released. Yet, I have never been quite a fan of Adele's blue-eyed soul sound. But, there was no way I was going to let the music video go unseen. If you have yet to see it, I have linked the music video through the above photograph of the lovely Adele. Directed by 26-year-old Canadian (woohoo!) Xavier Dolan, the video features the familiar plot line of reviewing a past relationship from the clarity discovered after its completion. However, in a deeper reading, it is of notable mention the narrative of the story seems to elude to an older and wiser Adele attempting to call herself in order to forgive and move on from the complications of the old love affair. The video was the first to implement IMAX technology in its filming and the chilling autumnal forest scenery is perfectly suited for the approaching days of winter. The power love ballad is of Adele's usual thought provoking sound, although I was moved more than I expected to be. After listening to the song for the third time, I felt tears start to stream down my face. Yes, I was taken aback! There is a deep chilling factor to this song which can transcend the context of the song. Therefore, individual personal experiences can draw out any moment in your life when you've finally reflected and consent to give yourself forgiveness. Am I saying I am now an Adele fan? Probably not. Yet, is this song going right from iTunes to my iPod? You can bet on it. More than anything, Adele's new single reminds me that every artist deserves a second listen. Happy Sunday! xo Novellette

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