October ,21 2015
Killing Time Playlist

Hi all! Lately transit has not be co-operating with me. Most days my train has been delayed and that leads to inevitably waiting on the platform killing time. Luckily, I recently put together a new playlist for the gym. New music can make any situation better, right? : ) If you're looking for new music from back in the day to some brand new releases, have a listen to the songs that I have had on repeat lately. I have linked YouTube videos through each picture, as always, so you can give them a listen!

churchesCHVRCHES - "Leave a Trace" from Every Open Eye

I have been a fan of CHVRCHES for quite sometime now and this new single is a great sample of the type of electronic music they produce. If you like pop music but don't quite love the head banging music that is EDM, CHVRCHES is a great middle ground.

astoriaMarianas Trench - "One Love" from Astoria

Canada represent! Marianas Trench has come to be a staple on my playlist for years. "One Love" is not only a nice fusion pop-rock, but reminds why I return to this band for their hard hitting love ballads. You'll be singing this one for days, I guarantee it!

storiesAvicii - "Sunset Jesus" from Stories

Currently, my favourite album! I am a die-hard Avicii fan after all ; ) The song title of this one should be enough to intrigue you to give it a listen.

MMLPEminem - "The Monster" from Marshall Mathers LP 2

Even though rap may never be my cup of tea, Eminem has great music to run to and "The Monster" is my favourite. Not only is the message behind this song something I feel is extremely relatable, but it's great just in time for Halloween.

500 milesThe Proclaimers - "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" from Sunshine on Leith

It is impossible to listen to this song without imitating a Scottish accent. Bottom line, I would walk 500 miles to hear this song any day of the week.

What have you been listening to lately? Leave me your suggestions for new songs and artists! xo Novellette

2 thoughts on “Killing Time Playlist

    1. I haven’t gone through the whole album yet either but I love concept albums. I’m hoping they do a matching set of videos like they did for ‘Ever After’ :) Thanks, Carolyn!

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