October ,28 2015

aviciiHey everyone! In the past I've spoken about my love for House and EDM music. Countless times whenever I've revealed this passion, I have been met with looks of astonishment and disbelief. "You don't look like someone who listens to EDM?" The only response to that question is: "what does someone who likes EDM look like?" Oh, the misconceptions of everyday life. To even mention the old saying: don't judge a book by its cover, is so overused that it makes me roll my eyes while I'm typing this. But assumptions like the ones that are sometimes made about me are so common day to day. I'll relay a tale with a similar example. There's a boy in my seminar class who loves to chat. He chats constantly about this or that to anyone who will listen. The boy is the type of person, you could say, that is known throughout my university year as a chatterbox. Most people in my department will know of him, know his name, and have had an experience with his friendly, yet chatty disposition. Throughout the duration of my course, the boy, whom I'll call Leon from this point on, has been truly buddy-buddy with my professor. Constantly participating and enjoying witty banter back and forth, one would swear they were old friends verses student and teacher. Immediately, my mind reasoned Leon must have been a fan of my professor. Weeks went by and after a spurt of luck, my bus dropped me off on campus early before my class with Leon. I headed up to the seminar room and low and behold, Leon and a few other people were chatting outside. While I texted my friend to see when she was going to arrive, I managed to pick up bits of their conversation. Leon was throwing a raging fit because of his hatred for our professor. I had to conceal my disbelief with ninja sneakiness! I was certain these two were best buds and yet the language he used, which will never be repeated here, was crazy and beyond rude! I could not believe the 360! Apparently, neither could one of his friends. When questioned as to his behaviour versus his actual opinion of my prof, he said the best way to get anything from anyone is to chat them up. Then adding, he does the same thing with everyone so whenever he needs a favour he'll be golden. So much for friendly, chatty Leon. What's the point of this, you may ask? Get to know someone before making an assumption. Having misconceptions about people is not only inaccurate, but its a real slap to the face when you find out the truth. xo Novellette 

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