November ,29 2015
The Christmas Countdown Begins

It is official people. Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday is finally a thing of the past, which means there is no excuse anymore. Being excited for Christmas is 100% allowed. December 1st will mean there…

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November ,25 2015
Scott Helman – Augusta

A few months ago I wrote a post about some of my favourite songs which featured plenty of Canadian talent. Not only am I amazingly proud of our musicians but I decided to dive deeper…

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November ,22 2015

Today’s post was supposed to be another instalment of Writing Wisdom in order to bring writing back to the forefront of this blog. However, I was reading the #WritersLifeTag on Bookworms in Dresses blog and…

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November ,18 2015
All About Canada #3

Hey everyone! Yes, we are back for “All About Canada #3”. I love sharing facts about my beloved country and love sharing the facts that show I am Canadian. To my fellow Canadians out there, this…

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