November ,29 2015
The Christmas Countdown Begins

It is official people. Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday is finally a thing of the past, which means there is no excuse anymore. Being excited for Christmas is 100% allowed. December 1st will mean there are only 25 days to wait and we have to make the most of them. Embrace as much Christmas spirit as you can, that's what I think. Personally, my Christmas spirit has been growing stronger since Halloween. But there's usually a way to tell when the rest of the world has caught up and the Christmas countdown begins. lightsI. Christmas lights twinkle to life Coming home on the train, there is a certain stretch of land where you can see houses in the distance. Normally, only the yellow street lights glow brightly through the train window panes. The other evening on the way home from university I saw the first blue, red, green, and white Christmas lights shining on the rooftops. II. Jingles on the Radio I don't care how many versions of "Silent Night" or "O Holy Night" there are, I will listen to them all! I love listening to Christmas music, especially while shopping. The stores probably intend that, haha! III. Commercials are Christmas themed I'm not even British yet in the past few days my Twitter timeline has been showing me a ton of British commercials, and American ones too, laced with the Christmas spirit. Overall, my personal favourite this year has been the Duracell and Star Wars commercial. Waking up to a Star Wars themed Christmas morning sounds pretty cool to me. IV. Seasonal beverages Starbucks, Timothy's, or Second Cup are all coffee shops which have started to roll out their seasonal drinks. Cinnamon, milk and cookies, and eggnog are popular themes as usual. Last weekend I tried my first one of the season which reminded me of what I think a Harry Potter butter beer would taste like. It was steamed milk with butterscotch and smelt like sweet buttered popcorn. Yum! V. An endless stream of Christmas films and specials Saturday night they were playing "Frosty the Snowman" and I've already seen commercials for "A Charlie Brown Christmas." There are so many amazing films I swear you could play them all day for the entire month of December and there would still be left overs. Have you started to notice these things? What gets you into the Christmas spirit? xo Novellette

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