November ,8 2015
Decisions for Disney?

Happy Sunday all! Half the fun of movies at the end of the year is thatĀ the Oscar front-runners are starting to come out. Oddly enough, this will be one year in a long time where Disney will have two movies competing against each other if both "The Good Dinosaur" and "Inside Out" are nominated for Best Animated Feature. Decisions, decisions... bothMy sister and I got to talking over whether or not it even matters which one wins? Either way, Disney goes home with another glorious trophy. The incomeĀ from both films plans to amass a large fortune and they are simply the tip of the iceberg for Disney cinematic profits. An Oscar win will cast prestige on Disney but will never be the key to making or breaking them towards the films they plan on for next year. Let's just say people will see Disney movies. Think of it this way. Disney runs Walt Disney Animation Studios. Disney owns Pixar Animation Studios. In 2009, Disney purchased Marvel and continued production on all of their superhero blockbuster films. Not to mention, they acquired Lucasfilm Ltd. four or so years ago and are set to release the highly anticipated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". Plus, the work in progress which is building a James Cameron "Avatar" land in Walt Disney World theme parks, eludes to Disney having it's hand in that franchise as well. Talk about having your fingers in a lot of pies! So like I mentioned above: does an Oscar success guarantee their safety towards films next year? Definitely not. I think Disney will be safe for a very long time. I find it so fascinating to think about that type of business reach. It makes me wonder what else they may have in the works? xo Novellette

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