November ,25 2015
Scott Helman – Augusta

helmanA few months ago I wrote a post about some of my favourite songs which featured plenty of Canadian talent. Not only am I amazingly proud of our musicians but I decided to dive deeper into discovering some of these artists. Scott Helman is right from Toronto and his single "Bungalow" blew up on the Canadian charts and popular radio stations earlier this year. Every single single Helman has released thus far has made it onto my iPod and I thought it was about time to buy the rest of the album. Or the EP, I should say. Believe it or not, I actually bought the physical CD. Yes, I am that person. I like having a physical copy of music a lot of the time. "Augusta" is a great find especially for those who are fans of indie-rock. Despite only consisting of 7 songs, Helman provides a nice selection of his musical abilities. One of the shining gems of "Augusta" is the last song entitled: Somewhere Sweet. The song is recorded from a live performance and demonstrates Helman's great array of musical instruments. Helman even explains the story behind the song (a strong dislike for a former job in a textbook store) and provides an intimate behind the scenes moment to the writing process. Helman even writes all of his own songs, a trait I personally admire. A lot of the songs were written on Augusta road in Toronto which makes me feel a personal connection to this album. It's definitely an exciting experiencing walking down the road which inspired the EP while its playing on your iPod. It can't get much cooler than that. All in all, I look forward to when Helman releases a full album with anticipation. Have you heard of Scott Helman? Do you like his music? xo Novellette

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