December ,30 2015
If Superheroes Were Ice-cream

I could have held onto this post for the summer but it’s been percolating in the old noggin’ for too long to wait. I am a superhero junkie. I’ve mentioned my obsession with the Flash…

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December ,27 2015
Shall We Call It Absentmindedness?

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holidays! I find the transition from the holiday season to normal life is easiest if you do it quickly. The days following Christmas are exciting…

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December ,23 2015
Christmas Party Red

Hey everyone! Throughout the entire month of December my go to lipstick colour is red. Whether it be ruby red, burgundy, blood red, or Santa suit red, red lipstick makes every festive outfit pop. So…

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December ,20 2015
Theatre Aquarius – “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Happy Sunday all! Here we are at the last weekend before Christmas. My excitement is uncontainable now. Yesterday, to celebrate the Christmas season, freedom from exams, and a long awaited birthday present for me, my…

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