December ,27 2015
Shall We Call It Absentmindedness?

absentmindedHappy Sunday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holidays! I find the transition from the holiday season to normal life is easiest if you do it quickly. The days following Christmas are exciting in their own way. Enjoying all the awesome things you got for Christmas is a lot of fun, of course : ) I have a new CD (The Little Mermaid score and soundtrack) on now while I type this out. I have about 10 other CDs that I need to listen too as well. I'm going into 24/7 earbud mode, haha! Though today, I wanted to talk about a quick little something. I want to talk about absentmindedness. Normally, I would say I am not one who forgets things easily. I'm fortunate to have a pretty solid memory *knocks on wood*. Everyone has moments of forgetting things nonetheless. This morning when I woke up, I noticed that my glasses were outside of their case. Strange, considering I remember putting them in the case before I fell asleep. Yet, there they were outside the case as if I had just put them down moments earlier. Do you ever find that you've woken up for a few minutes in the night but when you wake up it feels like a dream? I don't think you can call this absentmindedness. What other word you could use, I'm not sure. Let's stick with it for now. I wish there was a way to remember these types of things permanently. It would help solve quite a few mysteries in my life, haha! It's been happening to me a lot lately, and unless there is a sock gremlin living under my bed messing with me, then I have no idea what's going on. Probably a mixture of left over tension from the semester and less than tolerable Christmas guests. Either way, hopefully the new year stops me from acting out stuff in my sleep. I swear, I scare myself sometimes, haha! xo NovelletteĀ 

2 thoughts on “Shall We Call It Absentmindedness?

  1. Hahahaha! I don’t know if this is what you mean, but I’ve been noticing lately that whenever my mom helps me to the bathroom that I tend to forget if she’s helped me or not (sorry TMI!) because I’ve literally talked to her and managed to forget anything she’s done while doing so. I always ask this and if she got me another drink, majority of the time she has done both things but every once in a while she’ll forget my drink and I’m without one for the night. :( That’s probably a lot of information you didn’t want to know about or goes with the subject, but I thought it would! I’m sorry.

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