December ,23 2015
Christmas Party Red

red2Hey everyone! Throughout the entire month of December my go to lipstick colour is red. Whether it be ruby red, burgundy, blood red, or Santa suit red, red lipstick makes every festive outfit pop. So it’s inevitable that I have come across a few favourites for that perfect Christmas party look. I numbered them all in the picture above so you can see the colours for yourself.

1. NARS Cruella Lip Pencil

As some of you probably know, for your birthday Sephora gives you a gift. This year for me it was two tester NARS Lip Pencils and I was not disappointed at all. I had been shopping around for a red lip liner for a long time and I thought I would never find one. Then since I got this lip pencil I haven't tried to look for one since. Even though it’s not exactly a lip liner, I love how easily it blends with other red lipsticks. It can appear dark or lighter and matches all of the shades I’m writing about today. When I have finished the small size one, I am absolutely going to buy it in the normal size.

2. Chanel 102 Palpitante

I have said before when I’ve talked about Chanel lipstick that the best feature of the brand is the shape of the lipstick. It’s so easy to put on a Chanel lipstick and this red is the only red lipstick I have that is more orange red than blue red. Great to have variety in your makeup bag!

3. Kate Moss 10

I have owned this lipstick for a very long time. 100% this is my favourite Christmas lipstick. This lipstick has a beautiful shine that lasts a long time. Whenever I wear this colour I always get complements on it. I have a blazer that matches it exactly and I think this will be my colour choice for Christmas this year.

4. Kate Moss 9

Number 9 is probably the darkest of all of these colours. When I was picking the lipsticks that I wanted to share, I was debating between this one and Kate Moss 107. Even though I love the matte finish of 107, I think 9 is more Christmas-y and 107 is better for fall. I really like how the Kate Moss lipsticks in the black tubes have a shiny finish. I think the shine makes your makeup look a bit more glamourous. What better time to be glamorous than Christmas ; )

5. Clinique Pop Lip Colour 108 Cherry Pop

The latest red lipstick to enter my collection. Not only do I love that the packaging is the exact same colour as the lipstick, but I love the creaminess of this lipstick. It lasts a very long time and with the added smoothness and softness your lips aren’t left feeling dry. A definite bonus considering winter weather is evil, haha! Do you have a favourite red lipstick? Since this is my last post before Christmas (Christmas in 2 days people?!) I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and Christmas Eve. Happy holidays everyone! See you on the other side of holiday festivities. xo Novellette 

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