December ,30 2015
If Superheroes Were Ice-cream

I could have held onto this post for the summer but it's been percolating in the old noggin' for too long to wait. I am a superhero junkie. I've mentioned my obsession with the Flash before but I love all the Marvel movies too. I tried to resist after Iron Man 2, but I couldn't. My sister is a Marvel junkie. There was no hope for me, haha! Anyway, my sister and I got to talking and this fun little post is what emerged from our late night ramblings. What if the key members of the Avengers were ice-cream flavours? Who would be what and why?

comicconfamily.comCaptain America = Chocolate Chip

What is the most quintessential flavour? Chocolate chip. Captain is the born leader of the Avengers and his clean cut, farm boy, old world gentleman attitude makes him the perfect companion. We came down between vanilla and chocolate chip for Captain, but since Captain is a little spicer and stuck in his ways, everyone's favourite chocolate chip is perfect for him.

The Hulk = Pistachio

Not only is it green, but we chose pistachio over mint specifically because of my sister. My sister is allergic to nuts so she can't eat pistachio. Much like the Hulk is as a character, this ice-cream can be dangerous, to nut allergists mainly. Plus, the pistachio ice-cream I've had is never smooth. Pistachio has a little bit of crunch and is rough around the edges like the loveable Bruce Banner.

Iron Man = Superkid

The mixture of strawberry, blueberry, and banana is the brightest ice-cream. Not to mention, it one of the most synthetic flavours. Iron Man loves to be a showman. There is no way Tony Stark would settle for being a docile colour. It was our one and only choice. And isn't Tony really a big kid at heart who gets to fly around in an expensive high powered suit? Haven't we all wanted to do that before?

Black Widow = Black Cherry

Not only did I pick this because the ice-cream is good but tart, much like Widow, but the colours are too perfectly matching to ignore. The black cherries because of Black Widow's character name and then the pink coloured ice-cream for her red hair. It's like the ice-cream company knew I would one day be writing a post about superheroes and ice-cream, haha!

Thor = Salted Caramel

Thor was hardest superhero to nail down. We settled on salted caramel because of Thor's slight superiority complex when we're first introduced to him. He is a god after all, so I'm good with it. Yet, underneath all that rocky exterior, there is a guy with a heart of gold. Shall we say caramel gold? Too much? You know what I mean ; )

Hawkeye = Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Absolutely, one of my favourite ice-cream flavours but, sorry Hawk, not my favourite Avenger. Even though Hawkeye, is awesome. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was the obvious choice for Hawkeye. Until the second Avengers movie, the audience didn't know much about Hawkeye. He was talented but kind of generic. Yet, with The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we learned there was so much more to Hawkeye. Therefore, he is the ice-cream which seems simple but has a bit of surprise kick you may not have expected. Don't be surprised if I come back with a DC version in the new year. I hope you all enjoyed my silly ramblings today : ) I will see you all in the future! No, really. My next post will be in 2016! Have a Happy New Year everyone! xo Novellette

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