December ,20 2015
Theatre Aquarius – “It’s a Wonderful Life” Sunday all! Here we are at the last weekend before Christmas. My excitement is uncontainable now. Yesterday, to celebrate the Christmas season, freedom from exams, and a long awaited birthday present for me, my best friend Ana and I went to Theatre Aquarius to see a musical adaptation of It's a Wonderful Life. Fabulous gift, Ana ; ) Considering how heavily I have pushed It's a Wonderful Life on my blog this year, I'm sure you all won't be surprised that this musical would be perfect for me. I'm so glad we went because I absolutely loved it. It was inevitable that anyone who played George Bailey could never be Jimmy Stewart, but I wasn't going with the anticipation the actor would be someone exactly like Jimmy Stewart. I anticipated a fresh take on the role and it's exactly what I got. The funniest thing for me was that the actresses who portrayed Mary and Violet had the reverse hair colours of their original actresses in the film. It took a second to get used to but made no difference in the end. Even the changes to make the production a musical were well done. I will admit I was mouthing most of the dialogue throughout the whole performance. As I've said, I'm a Christmas quoter. It's in my blood, haha! Normally I would rant about my love for theatre a little longer, but as you know from my last post, today is my traditional evening to watch Home Alone and enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa. So I must bid you all farewell until Wednesday. Hope you enjoy the last few days leading to Christmas. Make sure to enjoy all that holiday magic! xo Novellette

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