January ,31 2016
Disney Princess Tag | Part 2

Happy Sunday! We are picking back up right where we started on Thursday with the Disney Princess Tag | Part 2. Catch up on all the Disney goodness in Part 1 first, if you’re not…

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January ,28 2016
Disney Princess Tag | Part 1

Hello everyone! I was reading Beth Suthers blog the other day (totally check her out, she is awesome!) and I saw she did the Disney Princess tag. As you all know, I am a Disney…

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January ,24 2016
High Hopes

Today is a pretty exciting Sunday. After months of preparation and weeks of work, I submitted my last application for grad school. *Pops open champagne bottle and dances around house* Needless to say, I have…

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January ,21 2016
If Merida was Part of Your Squad…

A little while ago I wrote a post about what my life would be like if Simba from The Lion King was my spirit guide. It is again time to let Disney control our lives…

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