January ,31 2016
Disney Princess Tag | Part 2

Happy Sunday! We are picking back up right where we started on Thursday with the Disney Princess Tag | Part 2. Catch up on all the Disney goodness in Part 1 first, if you’re not yet up to speed. Let’s get right into the questions!

Which voice do you wish you had?

jasmine reflectionLea Salonga is the singing voice of both Jasmine and Mulan and I love the sound of her voice. So crisp and clear and utterly ‘Disney Princess-like’ to me.

Which two princesses would be best friends?

pocahontas meridaPocahontas and Merida seem like they would really hit it off to me. Both powerful females trying to insist they know what path is best for themselves to follow.

Which two princesses do you think would hate each other?

signing yellowI feel like Tiana would hate Ariel. Tiana is so hard working, I don’t think she would ever give up something she loved for someone she doesn’t know.

Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?

abu meekoTogether, Abu and Meeko could be the perfect sticky fingers team. They can’t help but going after what they want, even if it’s not theirs.

Which two princes would be best buds?

aladdin kristoffAladdin and Kristoff (do we consider Kristoff a prince?) are from different worlds but are adventurous. Plus, they’re on the fringes of society and they don’t really care. They embrace who they are and own it all!

What scene makes you cry?

tangledAs if Eugene couldn’t get anymore perfect!

What scene makes you cheer?

ArielIt’s all about that music.

What scene makes you cringe most?

cringeCringe? Disney make me cringe, never!

What story do you wish was your life?

frogsProbably Tiana’s fairytale story. Work hard for what you want and meet your prince charming along the way.

Which movie do you love the most?

sleeping beautyShang_and_mulan Such a hard decision to make. Out of all the princess films, for classic Disney it’s going to be Sleeping Beauty. Otherwise, Mulan.

I hope you enjoyed the Disney Princess tag as much as I did. Let me know what answers you have!

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