January ,28 2016
Disney Princess Tag | Part 1

Hello everyone! I was reading Beth Suthers blog the other day (totally check her out, she is awesome!) and I saw she did the Disney Princess tag. As you all know, I am a Disney fanatic so this is right up my alley. As I am currently battling an evil sickness (bit of a cold really) I have divided up the post into two sections and the second part will go live Sunday : ) Enjoy all the princess goodness! Side-note: It just so happens, I'm in the middle of a personal project of drawing myself and my sister as Disney princesses, so this could not have come at a better time.

Which princess do you adore the most?

auroraI still have a soft spot in my heart for Aurora. Partially because I loved the animation style of that movie. Spot on, Disney.

Which princess do you like the least?

ariel snowwhiteA toss up between Ariel and Snow White. I probably dislike Snow White more as I never liked that film even though it is a masterpiece of unmeasurable proportion.

Which princess do you relate to the most?

rapunzel jasmine belleCan I choose more than one here? I would say Rapunzel's endless hobbies, Jasmine’s confidence, and Belle’s desire for adventure and love of reading.

Which sidekick do you wish you had?

maximusMaximus. He's such a good boy.

Which best friend would you want to hang out with?

meekoMeeko. Look at that face! Also, he’s fun, a bit of a trouble maker, and he cares a lot!

Which prince would love you?

shangphilipNot sure, but I love Shang and Prince Philip so hopefully one of them ;)

Which parents would raise you?

diversityI think Mulan’s parents. They wanted the best for Mulan no matter what, they were there for her and told her it's okay to grow into who you are at your own pace. Grandma Fa is pretty badass too ; )

Which castle do you want to live in?

briar rose ericSleeping Beauty’s castle but with Ariel’s location. Ariel’s castle (the one she has with Eric that is) opens right up onto the beach. What else could you ask for?

Which town do you wish you lived in?

shopsBelle’s town is very quintessential and ideal to me. Exactly like how a fairytale should be. Plus, that bookstore is too much for me to handle, haha! Amazing!

Which dress do you wish to own?

grayHands down, no contest at all.

What are your answers to some of these questions? Let me know! : )

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4 thoughts on “Disney Princess Tag | Part 1

  1. I totally agree with you. Mulan’s parents & Grandma Fa are hands down the best family. My favourite princess would be Tiana. It’s her hardworking and ambitions that I love. X

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