February ,28 2016
Grad School and Determination

Here we are at Sunday again! I hope you had a marvellous week. It has been a busy but beautiful week for me. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and I swear it…

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February ,25 2016

One of my assignments this semester for my seminar is to keep a fear journal. For three weeks, we are expected to document the little everyday things or the gigantic nightmares which scare our socks…

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February ,21 2016
Old School Film Favourites

Happy Sunday! Some of my favourite films are easily over thirty¬†years old. There is something so loveable about watching a film in black and white or the classic Technicolor. As if by magic, the acting…

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February ,18 2016
All I Need – Foxes

To say I have been excited for Foxes new album All I Need is an understatement. Since I bought Foxes first album, Glorious, I have eagerly awaited a sophomore album. I’ve told many of my…

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