February ,18 2016
All I Need – Foxes

To say I have been excited for Foxes new album All I Need is an understatement. Since I bought Foxes first album, Glorious, I have eagerly awaited a sophomore album. I've told many of my friends, probably raged a little bit, that Foxes is one of the most underrated singers today. Not only does Foxes aka. Louisa Allen have a phenomenon, hauntingly clear voice, but her songs are catchy and filled with heartfelt lyrics. Whether you want to be happy or sad, I'm sure Foxes has a song for you. allineedAnyway, for Valentine's Day this year, I received her new album as a present and thank God the wait was over! Before the album was released, there had been a number of singles, all of which I was not disappointed by at all. Then came playing the album entirely for the first time. I sat down with a cup of tea, ready to fly far, far away with the music. I came back to earth, completely satisfied with this album. Luckily, my expectations were met and surpassed. Foxes continues to amaze me with this sophomore record and I will look forward to learning the lyrics by heart. As a side note, when you find a great talent, like Foxes, who is mysteriously less popular than fellow British talents Ellie Goulding or Jessie J (who have a unique mainstream pop feel that is still enjoyable), it makes me wonder how much singing ability actually goes into music popularity these days? We all have that artist we don't find very good, yet watch them sell record after record. We all have that artist we wish would get more recognition. Chalk it up to what the industry knows will sell for sure, and maybe it's just me, but I hope that in 2016, those who are truly shining stars will get the credit they deserve. xo Novellette

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