February ,25 2016

mickeyafriadOne of my assignments this semester for my seminar is to keep a fear journal. For three weeks, we are expected to document the little everyday things or the gigantic nightmares which scare our socks off or make us cringe. It may seem like an easy task, but sometimes your biggest fears are things you don't necessarily encounter everyday while your headed to work or meeting a friend for coffee. For instance, if you have a fear of being mauled to death by lions but you live in the suburbs, the chances of seeing a lion in the flesh are slim. Discounting trips to the zoo, of course! You could be afraid of crowded spaces but live in a big city. You can see where I'm going with this. So while I've been searching for terrifying things to scare me around every corner, I've been wondering what my fellow classmates and other people in general are likely to have in their very own fear journal. After a little Sherlockian investigation, apparently, here are some of the most common fears people have. Are any of these things your worst fear? Animal fears - This includes some of these creepy crawlers and a few miscellaneous fiends like: spiders, snakes, chicken, dogs, or birds. Environmental fears - Bad weather, thunder, lightning, water and darkness. Spacial fears - Have a dislike of heights, flying, large open spaces or cramped, overly stuffed spaces? These are four of the most common! Illness fears - Cancer, illness in general, hospitals, blood, or germs also made the list. Emotional fears - The fear of fear, the unknown, intimacy, speaking in public, a loss of self-control and failure. I think most people have these ones peak their heads out every once in awhile. Did I list any of your fears? Do you consider yourself someone who is easily scared? Or can you watch horror movies or swim with sharks with not so much as a flinch? xo Novellette

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