March ,27 2016
Happy Easter | 2016

Happy Easter! The weather today is perfect for celebrating the holiday. I hope wherever you are, you’re having nice warm weather like it is near me. The sky is a brilliant eggshell blue and some…

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March ,24 2016
90s and 00s Throwback Playlist

Hey there! I will be the first person to admit that the music of the 90s and 00s often finds its way at the forefront of my mind. Who can help it? Those catchy beats.…

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March ,20 2016
Why I’m Not an Open Book

Once while I was waiting for the evening train, my otherwise uninteresting time spent on the train platform promised to be more eventful. A fellow student approached me. I smiled, since I am one of…

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March ,17 2016
Dear St. Patrick’s Day

Dear St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll start by raising a glass to you! Cheers! I can say whole heartedly that everyone on campus has been waiting to celebrate with you. You couldn’t have come at a…

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