March ,17 2016
Dear St. Patrick’s Day

St. PatrickDear St. Patrick's Day, I'll start by raising a glass to you! Cheers! I can say whole heartedly that everyone on campus has been waiting to celebrate with you. You couldn't have come at a better time : ) Though my celebrating with you has to take a second seat to school, I can assure you I take part by at least dawning a green ensemble today. You share a namesake similar to Valentine's Day, and you don't even occur that far from one another. Do you find it weird that you don't necessarily have a season leading up to your arrival? Everyone gets pumped for your big brothers Christmas and Halloween a month or so before, while you seem to come out of nowhere. At least, where I live that is. You don't even get cards sent out in your name like Valentine's Day. I think you make up for it with the amount of excitement and dancing you can cause. You are one of the lesser holidays, I do admit, yet, you are loved by many nonetheless. You seem to be able to bring a sense of freedom and celebration in the dreary months leading up to the next holiday. I know you face a lot of criticism. Many of our sibling universities have rejected any celebrations in your honour. You don't see many other holidays facing similar restraints, at least not in recent years. Nothing long with a little fun, as long as no one gets too out of control. So whether you see parades, pub crawls, or joyous displays of shimmering emerald shamrocks, there will be chants and cheers in your honour. Lucky! xo NovelletteĀ 

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