March ,20 2016
Why I’m Not an Open Book

whyimnotOnce while I was waiting for the evening train, my otherwise uninteresting time spent on the train platform promised to be more eventful. A fellow student approached me. I smiled, since I am one of those smiley people, and immediately she began to talk to me all about the painful plight of her upcoming wisdom teeth operation. Her name? Her program of study at school? I wouldn't know either, but within the half hour we chatted, she talked happily about her family's medical history (apparently their was a string of horrible wisdom teeth discomforts in her family line) and how long it would take her to walk to her family dentist's office after she got off at her train stop. I will say, that I love hearing about other people's troubles or pleasantries as much as the next girl, yet I know more about this random student than I do with some of my fellow classmates. My friend Patricia has often said I have an approachable face so people tend to open their hearts to me very quickly. I think that's a pretty nice complement if I do say so myself ; ) This is definitely not the first time that this has happened to me, and I have encountered many a situation like this while at university. Some people are simply open books. Open books love to share their stories and adventures with anyone and everyone, regardless of whether or not that person is a stranger or their best-friend's second cousin's nephew. I think it's fair to say that if you knew me in person, I would not fall into this category. I'm probably more introvert than I am extrovert. Well, probably more of an ambivert. Once you do know me, I have a killer laugh and you'll be learning my favourite movie and television quotes regardless of whether you want to or not. Sometimes I wish I could be an open book and relay my thoughts and fears without any pressure and become a part of another person's story for an instance. I've thought about why I'm not necessarily an open book (and don't get me wrong, I love who I am), but with a little self-reflection I can see why I have a tendency to keep clammed up. Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, or 2014, when I started writing Novellette, I wrote a blog post about pet peeves. A big pet peeve of mine is non-reciprocal asking, which is basically when someone takes little to no interest in your life, but wants to talk about themselves all the time, to the extent that they don't even complete a reciprocal pleasantry. Ugh... *eye roll* My distaste for this rude attribute (yes, rude whether you like small talk or not) started in high school. There was a group of mutual friends I shared with one friend and they were always like this. All they would ever do is dump their 'problems' on you without so much of a care about you. Not too mention if you did try to say something about yourself, they would cut you off or make you speed up. Thank God, I got out of that! Anyway, I think my tendency to think that people don't truly care about what other people have to say comes from this. Even though I don't believe it anymore (I am probably 400% more confident than I was in high school), I can tell from a lot of self-reflection that I can trace it back to then. I kind of hate it, considering I wouldn't mind being a little more extroverted once in awhile. How else do you expect to speak to Prince Charming if you see him waiting for the bus? ; ) Something I can work on in the future. There's room for self-improvement all the time. Do you consider yourself an open book or more of a closed one like me? Happy Sunday! xo Novellette

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