April ,28 2016
The Power of You

I am a fan of DIY projects. I love to start a project, work towards the final result, and feel that glory and pride when it’s complete. Therefore, on Tuesday I decided to take on…

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April ,24 2016
How to Write a Thank You Card

Though the age of paperless products is supposedly upon us, I still think cards are an absolute must in particular social situations. Wedding gift notes, congratulations on graduations, or even thank you cards require a…

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April ,22 2016
The Pros and Cons to Online Shopping

I wouldn’t say I’m a shopaholic but I love a good shopping trip. Whenever the fashion season changes, I know there are going to be tons of new items, scents, and products that I’ve yet…

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April ,17 2016
Studying or Stir Crazy?

No doubt, I long for the days when exams use to be scheduled four days in a row. No, I haven’t gone crazy. I’m about to with another day of studying. I have three exams…

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