April ,22 2016
The Pros and Cons to Online Shopping

shoppingI wouldn’t say I’m a shopaholic but I love a good shopping trip. Whenever the fashion season changes, I know there are going to be tons of new items, scents, and products that I’ve yet to see. Although, lately, as I have been so busy with school, I haven’t had the chance to go out and enjoy the stores as much as I would normally. Enter: online shopping. I have been shopping online since I was about 13 years old (with my Mum and then by myself as I grew up). It so happens that a lot of the things I want to buy aren’t often available in my country but online stores get rid of that problem. Yet, I find that there are as many positives as there are negatives with types of online shopping.

Pro: You can buy pretty much anything!

I have rarely come away from an online shopping attempt and not found what I have been looking for: video games, books, clothes, shoes, purses, camera equipment, the list is endless!

Con: Sometimes it’s a shot in the dark.

Buying clothes online is my least favourite type of online shopping. Mainly, it’s because you can’t feel the fit or the texture of the garments you want to buy. If I’m buying a dress, I want to see how the fit feels and whether or not I’ll like the fabric. You can’t tell from a photograph and I often find myself missing the mark with a purchase that must be sent back in the end.

Pro: You don’t have to worry about rushing crowds.

Who among us hasn’t waited in a line longer than the trek to Mordor just to purchase one shirt at a shop? Life being what it is, most people go to the shops on Saturday or Sunday. Crowded, loud, pushy people, crying children, sneezing contaminated sick people and all. Online shopping means you can buy everything you need without leaving your house or getting dressed up to go out. Need a new shirt? Add to cart and checkout. There’s never anyone in line ahead of you.

Con: Shipping fees!

Inevitably, if you order something there is going to be a hefty shipping few accompanying your prettily wrapped package. And depending on what you order, that fee may be really, really, REALLY, high. To get around this in the past, I have ordered more items. Yes, I actually needed to shop more. Yay! Pretty much, as you probably know, if you order something online that’s over a certain price, normally the shipping will be free. No more one-stop CD purchases for me. Buy the whole discography. You’ll be paying for it in shipping anyway.

Pro: You may find products you would have never seen

Oh, the magic of the endless internet vortex! You might start your shopping excursion looking for a new book that you heard about online. You find it, you add it to your cart, but then you see a link to the new summer line of clothing from your favourite store. You click it and then before you know it, you just purchased your very own box of fishing tackle and you don’t even fish. Hell, maybe you’ll learn. There is an endless sea of possibilities and you never know what you might find.

Con: You miss out on an experience

I love walking around stores to see merchandise in real life! Not to mention the fact that if you get a bunch of your friends together, going to the mall is a great way to catch up on life and see what kind of trends are influencing your friends fashion. Besides, who doesn’t love walking around every shop during Christmas season?! There are stores I would never go into that I find myself strolling through to enjoy the festive decor and music. You don’t get a festive experience while online shopping and unless you shop as a group, online shopping is a solitary activity. Are you a fan of online shopping or do you prefer a more traditional shopping experience? Let me know : ) xo Novellette

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