April ,28 2016
The Power of You

powerI am a fan of DIY projects. I love to start a project, work towards the final result, and feel that glory and pride when it’s complete. Therefore, on Tuesday I decided to take on a new home project: building a bookcase. My sister is a huge bookworm. Over the past few months the bookcase she’s been using has been so overcrowded there was no where left for us to store any more novels. It was time to think bigger. A taller unit was going to be the only solution. So, she ordered a new bookcase, over 6ft tall and told me this would finally be the best way to handle her enormous reading collection. As she’s working and I’m on holiday, I wondered if it was going to be delivered to our house. My sister said it would have to be picked up at the furniture store and then my Dad would have to assemble it. I thought to myself: “I’m off all day tomorrow. Why can’t I just do it?” Moments later, I said the same thing aloud. I was met with resistance. My sister is the cautious type and she was unsure I would be able to build an entire bookcase by myself. Oh, ye of little faith. After a fair share of convincing, I was off to the store to begin a quest. Before I left, I told me friend I was set to be building the bookcase as well, and she also thought I should let me Dad do it or some other man in general. This is where I got really confused. I am a DIY type of girl. I like to build things and there’s no reason why I would need to wait for anyone. But what about the weight of the bookcase? Getting it home? Getting it up two flights of stairs? To pull upon a popular phrase from buy childhood: “You can do anything you put your mind to.” I don’t have time to be worrying about abiding by fictitious laws of who can do what. A job is a job. More often then not you still see individuals who restrain themselves from doing what they want to do because someone else tells them they shouldn’t do something. The only person who can stand in your way is yourself. Other people aren’t making your decisions or setting your goals. As long as you set your mind to something you are capable of anything. It may come with hard work and a few days of sore muscles, but you’ll feel fabulous in the end because you accomplished something you wanted to do. And that feels like floating on cloud nine. As for the bookcase: completely constructed by me : ) It took 2 hours and my sister couldn’t be happier with it. I look forward to the next DIY that comes my way. xo Novellette

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