April ,24 2016
How to Write a Thank You Card

thankyou Though the age of paperless products is supposedly upon us, I still think cards are an absolute must in particular social situations. Wedding gift notes, congratulations on graduations, or even thank you cards require a certain elegant touch that, in my eyes, will never be captured in an email or a text message. I have found myself writing a lot of thank you cards in the past days and I thought I would share some of my tips to writing the perfect thank you letter for any of your card writing purposes.

The Greeting

It sounds simple to say but your card should have a personal greeting and make sure the individual's name is spelt correctly. Nothing is worse than spelling someone's name wrong. Not only does it appear as if you don't care, it's lazy and looks really unprofessional and impersonal. "Dear" is an old-y but a goody when it comes to letter greetings. If you don't know exactly who your addressing the letter to, "to whom it may concern" is a polite alternative.

Moving onto Thank You

The reason you're writing is to thank someone for something they've done or given you. Make sure to explicitly mention what you're thanking them for and jog their memory if whatever they did for you happened quite some while ago. Personalize the thank you so that it's custom to that person in particular. No one likes feeling like they're receiving something that doesn't seem unique. The effort is much more effective and brings more happiness when it feels like it's from the heart.


Finish off your letter by expressing your thanks once more. It reaffirms that, yes, this is a thank you letter, and helps tie together everything you mentioned in the body of your note.

The Signature

An ending remark is a nice way to complete the note before your signature. Some of my personal favourites are: sincerely, regards, kind regards, warm wishes, seasonal greetings, or your friend. Whatever you decide to choose, remember to sign the letter by hand. Even if you type out your thank you letters, print them off unsigned and make sure you put your John Hancock in with ink before you prepare to mail them off. Happy Sunday! xo Novellette

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