May ,22 2016
A Traveller’s Playlist

Whether you’re jet setting off to an exciting and exotic local this summer or enjoying the fun of a day trip with friends and family, there is no doubt you will need music to accompany you. Since I am planning on doing a fair bit of travelling this year, near and far from home, I have devised the perfect airplane or car cruising playlist. I like a mix of fast paced heart pumping dance songs and softer tunes for those reflective moments soaring above the clouds or driving through the mountains and resting by the lake. Here are 5 of my MUST have tunes on my traveller’s playlist! Give it a listen! I’ve linked YouTube videos to each tune! What songs do you like to listen to when you set out on your adventure?

Kodaline - "Brand New Day"

kodalineThere is not a bad Kodaline song out there. This awesome tune immediately transports me to my happy place in summer no matter what time of year it is. Speaking of adventure and the great wide world out there, there is never a dull moment when you love every second of every day.

Olivver the Kid - "BBBlue"

oliverOlivver the Kid is a relatively newer find for me, but I have quickly fallen in love with his discography. "BBBlue" is an easy listening song with a super catch beat! A must have on any playlist!

Avicii - "Sunset Jesus"

aviciiMy love for Avicii is eternal, haha! Yet, of all his songs off Stories, this track immediately grabbed my attention. I think it's a great sunglasses and lemonade song, haha, if that makes sense. Not only is the dream of the impossible an amazingly relatable theme, I dare you not to get this song stuck in your head.

Wave - "California" 

waveAn old one but a great one! Honestly, the epitome of summer chilling songs. Roll the top down on your car, crank up the music and just cruise. That's all I can say.

The Corrs - "Radio"

corrsWhen you need new music you can turn to the radio and when I think 'radio' I think, the Corrs. Not only is Andrea Corrs' voice flawless as always, this song is fun and easy listening. Definitely one I think anyone will enjoy if you're always fighting for music rights, haha!

Happy Sunday!

xo Novellette

2 thoughts on “A Traveller’s Playlist

  1. A travel playlist > The perfect epitome to summer. I can’t wait for it to begin, but for now I guess I’ll just listen to these to get in the mood. Love it!

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