May ,30 2016
Let’s Take a Road Trip

essentialsI have battled technology these past couple of days, so I am excited to finally see this post published. Success! I have recently returned from a road trip to Florida (more to come on that) and while I was packing, I started to realize how many essential things you need with you in your car. Since most of the time your luggage is inaccessible to you, you won't want to pull over every five seconds to get something. I have a definite list of must-bring items. Again, these are not going to be things that you have packed away in the trunk of your car. These are the items you want accessible to you at a moments notice while you’re cruising down the highway and having a laugh with your friends and family. Keys and Wallet - You don’t even want to leave the houses without these. Before you walk out the door, make sure everything you need (i.e. license, health card, credit cards, cash, etc) are actually in your wallet and grab those keys. Even if you’re not driving the car primarily, take the spare set to your car incase your first set goes missing along the way Car Kit - This can consist of everything from your insurance to a flashlight. You want to make sure that if you have car trouble or someone has an unexpected crisis that you have the tools to deal with the problem. Some items I would suggest are things like: bandaids, your car manual, car insurance, a flashlight, spoon, fork, and knife, napkins, etc. Physical or Digital Maps - Even though the thrill of off-roading and finding yourself on an incredibly, unexpected adventure is awesome, sometimes you’re not in the mood to risk getting lost or loosing precious driving hours. Make sure you have a map of where you’re going. Not only will you know what roads to take, how to avoid traffic, and be able to gauge how many miles of travel you still have until the next big city, they are, obviously, incredibly helpful if you get lost. Snacks and Drinks - Despite stopping for the obvious meals like lunch and dinner, there's no doubt spending your whole day in a car can conjure a mighty thirst or hunger. Car journeys can be so dry with the same recycled air and having drinks can help you stay hydrated and refreshed, while food takes care of the those snack cravings. My favourite car snacks are fruit like apples and peaches or granola bars. As for drinks, you can never go wrong with bottled water or your favourite drink. I love iced tea. Phone or Some Technology with Internet - A lot of the time on holiday people leave their phones and worries behind at home to fully enjoy the enriching experience of travelling. Yet, taking along some technology (especially if you don’t have an international data plan if you’re roading tripping out of country) with Internet is a good safety precaution. That way you can check in with your friends and family via social media, Skype, or email and you can reach them if need be. Sweater or Blanket - On a sweltering hot day, you wouldn’t think that air conditioning could start feeling like a torturous ice prison versus cooling paradise. Bringing along a cozy coverup sweater or blanket that can help take the chill off you when the rest of your party is boiling up. I would definitely recommend this if you find yourself cold a lot of the time. Sunglasses - If you’re driving anywhere between 6-8 hours a day, you are bound to be leaving early in the morning and watching the sun’s height rise and fall around your car at different hours. No matter where you sit in the car, you are going to find yourself with the blinding sun in your eyes in the morning or in the afternoon. Don’t forget those glasses and spend your whole time squinting. Plus, bringing your favourite pair of shades for the car is a perfect way to make sure you don’t forget them for the main portion of your holiday. Playlist or Radio Station List - I did my ideal compilation playlist for songs that are great for travelling last week and you can read that (here!) if you are interested in the tunes I picked out. I suggest having multiple playlists from each travelling companion or create a massive playlist with tunes everyone likes and then throw it on random so you get the unexpected joy of hearing your favourite song. On the other hand, a fun and often exciting way to find new music is to tune into the local radio station and hear what kind of music they broadcast. I know, I know, a lot of people hate radio, but not only is this a chance to hear some music you might not normally hear, but it’s more luck-of-the-draw excitement which is what road trips are all about anyway. You could even, pre-lookup some radio stations to turn to when your driving through different towns if you know where you're headed. I hope that if you take a road trip this summer, you have a fabulous time relaxing :) Let me know if you've ever been on a road trip and where or if you would like to one day. xo Novellette

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