June ,5 2016
Going for Your Goals

Hey there! We are officially at half the year gone ladies and gentleman! With the arrival of June, January seems very far away. Though, as I have been working on revamping my blog layout, I started rereading some of my old posts. One in particular that jumped out at me was my goals for 2016. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that with half of the year already complete, I have managed to cross off quite a few. Here's what I've accomplished thus far! Get accepted in an MA in Museum Studies and Information Studies postgraduate program - Success! Fortunately, I was accepted into all of the graduate schools I applied to and I will be beginning my program in the autumn. *happy dance* Maintain my gym workouts (even though my schedule means I’ll have to get up early) - Even though I don’t go to the gym as frequently in the summer, I still have made time to work out. Lately my outdoor regime has incorporated more rope jumping which is definitely a refreshing way to start the day. Get up earlier! - No doubt I’ve been accomplishing this! I let myself sleep in on weekends, but other than that, I am Miss. Productivity in the morning, haha! The job hunt - I promised myself that if I wasn’t accepted into graduate school I would start looking for a permanent full-time job. Despite being accepted, I was actually approached by a museum to work with them part-time. In what felt like a fly by process (I got the call, went for the interview, and got the job all in 12 hours!) I am loving what I’m doing. This goal definitely feels like a little bonus I didn’t count on which is nice. There you have it. Some of the main goals I have been accomplishing over the first two quarters of 2016. Do you have any goals you’ve completed? Any you still need to cross off your list? Let me know down in the comments : ) xo Novellette

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