June ,20 2016
The Ramblings of a University Graduate

tumblrMy graduation ceremony was last Tuesday. After four years of assignments, examinations, tears, laughs and outstanding willpower, my undergraduate journey has been completed. The ceremony itself was efficient and the speeches were mostly reflective though general to the convocation spirit. The theme of new beginnings, new chapters in life starting was prevalent and, I bet, common in the heads of my fellow graduands as it was in mine. University has been an experience far surpassing the expectations I held when I was younger. My perspectives towards world issues and ones of more personal experience have undergone drastic, irreversible change.   Viewpoints I originally discarded out of ignorance or pride are more acceptable today. Stubbornness is a character flaw I possess to a reasonable degree, and though my conviction is as strong as ever, my mind is far more inclusive of concepts, ideas and histories then it was four years ago. Accepting these changes is a positive and beneficial move for the next chapter of my life and my fellow classmates.  Considering the last chapter encompassed the university years in undergrad, the next five years are going to be rather different.   Everyone’s concept of life following university or any education varies from person to person.  Some surely look to the workforce and higher education; others intend to seek out love and start families and some hope for both. Either step illustrates a natural and expected move in the game of life. Yet who can say there are any wrong moves anyway.  Understandably, continuing on humanity’s legacy on this rocket ship through the universe is a must for some if not the majority of us.  Using the skills, acceptance and prowess towards problem solving the growing generations possess the world of our children and grandchildren will be far more inclusively complex in variety compared to the world which welcomed us when we were born. Slowly the people of this planet are learning that individuals in any variation want a future of peace and safety for their descendants.  The education in academics and play we transfer to our own children will shape and define who will continue to keep our planet moving forward.  Can we expect that message, in which we hand down; to be identical from each person to person or even seek to spread the same ideologies and beliefs? No.  The futility in conceiving one future is overwhelmingly impossible. Plus, constraining over individual human thought. University very quickly instilled that someone will always contest your ideas. Similarly, you will find yourself against the thoughts and beliefs of others.  The key, simply, is to mind one’s own business. Don’t incite hate and pain to prove your way is superior and the only way people should think.  If you don’t agree, that’s fine, but leave it at that. Some people’s minds will not be changed or opened. Even when it is challenging, accepting that those people will not change is as valuable as seeing the slightest change in anyone else. xo Novellette

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