July ,11 2016
Monday Myths

The best way to start off this story is to ask if you like hearing about myths? It’s not uncommon that local neighbourhoods and old historic buildings come chock full of their own rich heritage. Paired with that heritage often comes the local myths of heroes, lovers, or lost souls who make history all the more colourful. Last week, I was out to lunch with a friend when she decided to give me a tour of her university campus. We walked through the part of the city with the oldest buildings and stopped in front of a building on the University of Toronto campus known as University College. As we were walking past, my friend mentioned to me that the building had a myth associated with it. [caption id="attachment_3125" align="aligncenter" width="400"]church In the bottom left, you can see the famed cloister which is at the center of our tale.[/caption] Apparently, the story starts in the 1800s when two of the building's construction workers, often relayed as Diabolos and Reznikoff (aka. Rez), had a disagreement. The two men has fallen in love with the same woman. Rez had been saving money to marry her, when Diabolos swooped in with the intention of stealing both his bride and his savings. The two men confronted each other one night at the abandoned work site. Not too long after, an altercation broke out. Rez was headed after Diabolos with an axe, intent on killing his rival. He chased him feverishly throughout the cloister and cornered him against a large door. They fought and just as Rez was about to strike Diabolos down, Diabolos pulled on the oaken door and the axe splintered into the wood. Deep gashes interrupted the door’s smooth surface and both men tumbled to the ground. In the tussle, Diabolos got the upper hand and killed Rez before burying his body in the rafters of the roof. As for whether or not Diabolos ran away with his desired lover, that part of the mystery remains to be seen. Yet, the markings created by the axe during the altercation can still be seen on the door to this day. At night, it is even rumoured that the sounds of a scuffle can still be heard radiating from the cloister. I’m sure a lot of universities have stories like these. My university has a particular one about a haunted bathroom which I’ve had personal experience with in the past. I’ll save that story for another day, nonetheless ;) Have you any experience with myths like this one? xo Novellette

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  1. I really enjoy reading/hearing different myths- this one is an interesting one, thanks for sharing!
    I’d love to hear one from your uni as well xx


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