August ,28 2016
If Porter was Your Professor…

And the story begins with a professor. A fictional professor at that, but Professor Archimedes Q. Porter has knowledge to share with us nonetheless. Shall we take a moment to appreciate the greatness of that name. Despite it's seeming originality, the name 'Archimedes' is actually recycled. Originally it appears in a 1963 Disney movie, The Sword and the Stone, as the name of Merlin's pet owl. Still, continuing my series on Disney life lessons for the everyday adult, today I focus on the loveable Professor Porter from Disney's Tarzan. Porter is the carefree single-father of Jane Porter and an explorer with a wild spirit of his own.

If Porter was your professor he would say…


Pack for any occasion. Being over prepared is never a bad thing. Do you want to be caught in a sudden rainstorm without an umbrella? How about having a run in with Queen Elizabeth and needing an emergency teapot and cups? What if you need to teach someone English? Do as Porter does and bring everything but the kitchen sink. Scratch that, I think he did.

If Porter was your professor he would teach…


Love and be ready to let go. Porter was already a single father when he realized he might have had to leave his only daughter in Africa. Though he eventually chose to stay himself, he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure Jane was happy. Leaving civilization behind is a crazy, and incredibly self-sacrificing task. Even that was not too far of a stretch for Porter. He was going to give up indoor plumbing. That's a dedicated and admirable man.

If Porter was your professor he would recommend…


Going into battle. For what matters, of course. Fighting to get your opinions heard or standing up for yourself are equally important life skills. To live the fullest life, you want to live a happy life. If that means shaking the boat a little bit, than riding an adult elephant into battle (metaphorically, that is) is a great plan.

If Porter was your professor he would advise…


Not caring about what other people think. Consider Porter and Jane deciding to live in the wild jungles of Africa. The Captain who Porter tells of their plan looks horrified and confused. But who cares? Porter and Jane were content as long as they could be with Tarzan and friends. They did have a pretty awesome tree house too! On a more relatable scale, embrace your own quirks and your desire to forge your own path in life. Following the crowd is boring. Love your hobbies and embrace your individuality. Down the road, you'll be grateful for your distinction.

If Porter was your professor he would demonstrate…


A kindest towards everyone. Animals included, in his case! Take the differences from other peoples and cultures as new learning experiences. If there was only one way to do something, we'd all be wasting humanity's vast potential. Widen your own horizons by learning from others, and you might pass on your own knowledge to them too. You're never to old to change your perspective.

xo Novellette

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