August ,22 2016
A Change in Direction


And the story begins with a new direction. In the past weeks, I began to contemplate what direction I want to take Novellette. Since starting this lovely little blog over two years ago, I have had my hands in all the pies - trying a variety of different topics and discussing anything which has come to mind. Though that has been a rather enjoyable experience, I feel bringing in my focus will serve much more manageable.

Does this mean you're not going to be blogging as much? What topics are you cutting out? Slow down there! I can assure you I will still be blogging as frequently as I currently do. As far as I can see, my posting day will continue to be Sundays. So, check. Got that point out of the way.

As to the second question, I'm not necessarily viewing this change as an exclusion. More of a time to really focus on the topics I feel so exhilarated to share with you. What are these topics? If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you can probably guess what one of them is at least. Yes, that's right, it's Disney! Disney anything.

To say Disney is an important part of my life sounds kind of silly. Yet, if I really settle down and explain why for you, you'd understand why. And I don't mean why I love the films or the characters (though I do). I mean Disney as the entity.

When I was six years old, my family first visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The vacation was no less than spectacular and we returned time and time again to the theme parks throughout summer vacations, Christmas season, or New Years Celebration. When many of my friends would jet set to cabins during the summer, my second home became Walt Disney World. My family, the familiar surroundings, the hotel villas, the (for lack of a better term) magical energy encompassing the theme parks, everything remains close to my heart.

Some people may say: but don't you think Disney is childish? Not a chance. It's understandable that when we grow up we have to become adults, it's inevitable. But being an adult doesn't mean you can't enjoy magic or the feeling of complete happiness and bliss. So, I love Disney. I feel passionately about the positive memories I have achieved from it. If I can spread a bit of that eternal happiness inside me because of such good memories with you, than I'll be content.

The other topic I want to focus on is not that far of stretch for me either: writing. I am a self-professed addict when it comes to creative writing and I want to share my love of writing and literature wholeheartedly. This topic can have many subheadings like: novels, poems, creative writing tips and tricks, original works, cool authors, screenplays, etc.

I hope you'll continue to stick with me through another change. 2016 has spawned many changes for this blog. But all for the better I believe! This is probably my last notice of this kind for some while, yet, I make no promises, haha! I'm not going to be deleting older posts or anything of that sort. If you want to read any of my older posts, they'll still be there, no doubt about it.

xo Novellette

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