September ,25 2016
Disney’s Feast

And the story begins with Winston. Who is Winston? We'll get to that in a minute. It's no surprise that Disney Animation Studios produce more animated sequences and films than their full length feature films. In fact, short films are another passion of both Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. Throughout the years, these short films have been recognized at a variety of award shows including the Academy Awards! I wanted to introduce one of my favourite Disney shorts to you today. It's called: Feast.

Feast was released in conjunction with Big Hero 6 in November of 2014. The story unfolds around a Boston Terrier named, you guessed it, Winston and his love of human food. I'll give you a run down of the plot.

As a young puppy, Winston is abandoned on the city streets. While he searches for food, a man, named James, sees him and kindly tempts him with French fries. Winston is quickly adopted by James and they begin their life as bachelors. Though, James doesn't eat the healthiest and starts giving Winston his left overs along with kibble. This grows into a habit for Winston. Pizza, burgers, nachos, you name it, Winston loves it!


Then sometime later James meets Kirby, a lovely waitress who starts to change his life. She encourages him to eat healthier and Winston is less than pleased. Delectable peanut butter and jelly becomes boring, green brussels sprouts. Yuck!

Though things don't go well and James and Winston are once again living the single life. However, this time, James is distraught. He falls back into his old ways much to Winston's delight at first. Yet, there's a hole that cannot be filled. Sensing something must be done, Winston takes James' destiny into his own hands.

He runs away, finding Kirby at work and presents her with a spring of parsley: a beautiful symbol of the healthy life she and James had together. Not soon after James comes running around the corner chasing after Winston like mad. The two make up, are eventually married and have a child together with Winston by their side.

There are two main reasons why Feast has quickly become one of my top five Disney shorts. First, I love the animation style. Disney employed both computer graphics and hand-drawn animation throughout the feature. I think the blend gives the short a distinct look. The technique was also used in Disney's short Paperman in 2012. Though by using colour instead of the black and white of Paperman, I thought the style felt fresher and, obviously, more vibrant.

The second feature I love about this story is the idea of it full circling. In the very beginning, James is able to gain Winston's trust by giving him French fries. At the conclusion of the story, James and Kirby's child is able to do the same thing. While Winston lies near his dog dish, a meatball suddenly rolls into frame. Following one delicious treat after the next, Winston comes face to face with the newest family member. I am a sucker for a nice full circled story and I thought this was a great touch.

If you'd like to see the short, most of the Disney ones are available to watch on YouTube. I would definitely encourage you to check them out and expand your love of Disney to their short films.

Have you seen Feast? Do you have another favourite Disney short?


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