September ,5 2016
Up, Up, and Away

And the story begins...SQUIRREL...with Up. Disney and Pixar's Up is an emotional tale about an elderly man named Carl and his struggle to view life as an adventure after his wife passes away. No doubt, Up has made many a person cry. The truly relatable and non-fantastical elements of the project reflect modern society by showing us that life's day-to-day activities can be the adventures of a lifetime.

But Up did not start out with this familiar plot line. No, Pixar had a very different vision for the original project. To this day, it remains one of my favourite unused plots from Disney and Pixar. Characters come and go during the conceptual stage of any creative process. At times, their appearances change, their names, even their mannerisms. In the instance of Up, very few elements carried over from the original draft.

So what was this original plot, you may ask? I'll tell you.

The story told the tale of two brothers, princes in fact. They lived in a floating kingdom together with their father the King. Yet, the two brothers didn't understand one another. Then suddenly, they fell from their floating kingdom to the world below. On the ground, they had to learn to see each other clearly and find their way back up.

I'll say it again, I love this plot! You may be thinking it's not the most revolutionary of concepts. In the long run, the actual plot would be more original. Yet, the concept intrigues me. Mainly because Disney or Pixar so rarely makes films with brothers as the main characters. We've had our fill of sisters, Frozen thank you very much. More commonly, the buddy-comedy is popular for male Disney and Pixar characters. Buzz and Woody, Mike and Sully, etc.

An example of a brothers film could be Disney's Brother Bear. However, I will point out out two things about this film. First, it is incredibly underrated and often forgotten buy many Disney fans. Second, Koda and Kenai are not actually blood brothers. Not to say their bond is any less meaningful, however. Even my beloved The Lion King has the conflict of Mufasa and Scar as brothers, yet Simba is still the protagonist of the story.

Overall, I believe having this interesting dynamic could have added a bit more variation to the cinematic universe of Disney and Pixar.

I retain the hope that maybe this plot will come to fruition. It doesn't have to be about two princes falling from a floating kingdom, but two brothers nonetheless. Although, it would be pretty neat to see a classic Disney fairytale-esque story that featured a prince as the primary character. We got close with Aladdin but not quite there considering Jasmine was the royal one. Either way, I can dream.

What do you think about the original Up story idea?


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