October ,10 2016
Festive Feasts for Thanksgiving

And the story begins with a Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, we are at that time of year to enjoy all the cozy, feasting goodness. I’ve been using the long weekend to take a well deserved break from my hectic school life to relax and spend time with the family. Plus, the added bonus of sleeping in and I even managed to set up my new laptop, so huzzah!

Though, as you all know, my love of Disney cannot be contained regardless of the holidays. So, I have prepared a festive feasts themed post for you all. To celebrate all the delicious delicacies that are enjoyed today, here is a list of my favourite Disney film feasts. Disney can definitely get the stomach a-rumbling and if we can all bond over something in this world universally, it’s a love of food and good company.

Though Bernard doesn’t manage to propose to Bianca at this fine establishment, the two share a lovely meal and some drinks over the city skyline.

Is there anything at La Ratatouille that you wouldn’t want to try? Oh, sure, Remy’s a rat but that’s not going to stop me with this one! Did you know Disneyland Paris opened a restaurant in honour of Remy?

Can there be any greater joy then serving the people you love a meal in your restaurant? Definitely a dream come true for Tiana.

Resist the urge to sing over this mouth-watering masterpiece. Remember to try the gray stuff! The fact that this there is an actual Walt Disney World restaurant to finally enjoy the experience in this movie is so satisfying.

Italian food. Music. Candle light. Romance. Can a meal get any better than that pasta dinner in Lady and the Tramp? It sure was one hell of a first date. Well done, Tramp!

Sushi anyone?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday of feasts and fun if you are in fact celebrating this weekend too! I’m going to go tuck into some pumpkin pie with cinnamon whip cream, yum! Happy Thanksgiving!


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